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MAJYK MOTION (1994-2014)

We are riders first and foremost.  

Majyk Equipe was born out of need. As dedicated riders, we had tried many different protective boots, but found that we either had to settle for a basic boot at an affordable price that wore out quickly, or a long lasting quality product with a top notch price tag. Drawing on our professional background in research and development of sporting goods and nutritional energy, we realized that we could apply the same core principles we had used in top brand sports shoe manufacturing to an equine line of products. Following the same high protocol and using materials usually reserved for human athletes, we were able to build our first superior protective equine boot by combining proprietary technology with unique styling. Thus Majyk Equipe Protective Horse wear was born. Since then we have added additional products, all with the same aim - quality products at an affordable price using cutting edge technology and materials. 

We are fortunate to have long standing partnerships with suppliers who work with the biggest sports shoe manufacturers in the world. This gives us access to materials not usually available in the equine world and allows us to stay at the forefront of material development and the newest technologies available. Unlike many horse wear brands who buy 'off the shelf' basic models from mass market factories and simply add their brand name, Majyk only offers unique products. Our ability to work directly, allows us to cut out the middleman and offer a superior line at much lower prices than other comparable products in the market.

 We named our company after our beloved Dutch warmblood mare, Majyk Motion (pronounced Magic.)  Majyk passed away  in 2014 after a battle with cancer leaving us with a huge void to fill. Not only was she our family horse, she was our test model, teacher, mentor and a fearless competitor. We miss her.

 Today, she remains our inspiration. We are determined to uphold the legacy of our wonderful partner by making her name synonymous with the best of the best and continuing to bring you products she would have been happy to wear.

Majyk's name lives on in her talented baby, Deynika, who is currently training for Grand Prix level Dressage with Ellen Corob. Deynika proudly wears the Majyk line inspired by her wonderful mother.

In May 2018, Deynika gave birth to our own 'Duchess' or Royal Majyk as she is officially known. Born on Royal Wedding Day, this baby is bound to be something special as she has a double dose of 'Majyk' - her Grandmother is our own Majyk and her father is Mighty Magic!

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Royal MaJyk (Duchess)